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Bad Replacement Window Installations

Complaints about Window Replacement Contractors, submitted by homeowners who had bad contractor experiences with a window project.

Siding contractor did not live up to the "5 Star Guarantee". He uses sub-contractors to do the window work and they do not use and refused to use foam. They only use minimally glass-fiber insulation. Advice: Do not pay more than 10% of the cost and make sure you check for air and water leaks [...]

On November 4, 2014, my home caught on fire. On January 12, 2015, I hired a construction company to repair my home for the agreed amount of $18,550.00. On February 18, 2015, I gave him $6,500 cash. On March 23, 2015, I gave him $9,000 cash, totaling the amount of $15,5000 paid on the contract. [...]

Tornado hit my home in November 2013. A tree fell through my house and knocked out two windows and broke a support beam in my basement. I paid the contractor in full to fix the home. On March 28th, my house burned down. The contractor had never done any work on the home. We asked [...]

Contraction was hired to extend my garage, but it was never completed. Moreover, he started taking windows of my home but never went back to finish. He dug up power lines.The cable box had to be remounted by another contractor, taking 3 hours to rewire. Now, the glass is coming unglued. He left the project [...]

Do not let them in your house. We to were taken in by this dishonorable company. In October they promised we'd be in our house by Christmas. we were finally in by middle May. The custom cabinets were made of pressed wood, the self closing drawers lasted a month, the granite split at the seams. [...]

Contractor came to take space measurements for a custom window seat and on two different occasions he acted inappropriately towards me, making passes and advances. I had already gave him the deposit for the project and 4 months later I do not have a custom window seat and I am in disputes with him for [...]

We gave this supposed contractor $50,000. and they never finished any room in the house. They painted over curtain rod holders, tape and anything else in their way. They collapsed my basement ceiling and never returned to repair their damage. They installed window frames wrong and put in a marble custom made shower stall upside [...]

Local Construction company did a lot of work on my home. Finish basement,windows,new side drain outside the house. The price of the job doubled, job was to take 5 to 7 days up to 7 weeks and still lots of work to do. Once he has your money he just takes off!- Advice: Do Not [...]

Please be advised that in my opinion I have experienced a severe lack of cooperation from the General Contractor on our proposed and unfinished renovation to our apartment; which was damaged by a ruptured fire sprinkler head and a golf ball which damaged our apartment and our sliding glass doors on our patio. Contractor has [...]

My mother hired an independent contractor. The window was painted shut, steps started peeling and water still leaks in the basement. I posted a video of the job the contractor did on youtube under bad contractor and see for yourself. Advice: Don't pay until the job is done and is done well. Ask about other [...]