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Painting Projects That Could Have Gone Better

Complaints about Painting Contractors, submitted by homeowners who had bad contractor experiences with a painting project.

The ad reads "30 yrs in drywall repair; can fix any type drywall repair. (he also paints, not listed) The contractor started in March and told us it would be done on April 10th. He never shows up and, when he does, he keeps painting same room over and over since he get's paid by [...]

We contracted with this company on 6/3/2013 with a deposit of $3,000.00 and a balance of $1,052.55 due upon completion of this job. You don't normally put out 75% of the contract to start, but we had done business with him in the past and we thought we could trust him and believe his work [...]

Hired a painter who said he was licensed and insured...he sent a couple of men over to paint. He was the manager of the job and took off popping in once in awhile. He assured me he would be on the job at all times...painting. Job was lousy. No prep work was done, no taping [...]

Painting company came to one of my rental properties and instead of taking care of the problem they actually made it worse. Zip Code:70131

Sloppy job painted everything including window glass and hardwood flooring the kid has no clue on what he is doing way over-priced do not hire this contractor Zip Code:06611

Painters out of clermont applied only ten gallons of paint to my house when the specifications called for fifteen gallons. They are not applying the proper requirements for the products they use. Zip Code:32803

My 79 year old mother who lost her husband 2 months ago hired a Painting contractor from easton pa to paint the exterior and interior of her home. She asked him if he was insured and licensed and he said yes. She asked for a contract after a verbal estimate of $2015.00 plus cost of [...]

Painting contractor did not complete the work that was designated in the contract. They provided terrible customer service. They demanded us to pay more money, which was not in agreement with the contract, before completing the job he started. Even after being notified of potential lead based paint on our exterior, he proceeded to do [...]

I hired Painting contractor to paint our home. After the contract was signed, cheap paint was used. We paid a low ball price of $2500 and the workers worked about 85 hours. The work was bad and all the paint is peeling from the back of the house. Zip Code:94044

This contractor would work maybe 2 days one week and none the next and usually on the days I was off which were weekends. His painter had more paint on the new floor and my furniture than he did on the walls. The doors started to peel right away and he never got back to [...]