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Unlucky Kitchen Remodeling Experiences

Complaints about Kitchen Remodeling Contractors, submitted by homeowners who had bad contractor experiences with a kitchen remodeling project.

New cabinets are chipping paint one month after installation. Contractor says it is not his fault and wants me to pay more money to have cupboard doors redone. Furthermore, the contractor tore one large hole and a small hole in the brand new linoleum. Of course, he denied having done it. He continues to tell [...]

I had the contractor install counter tops and ceramic floor. He installed the floor and worked around the refrigerator and did not replace the tile under that appliance. I know I cannot pull the refrigerator from the wall to replace. The dish washer was installed wrong which is causing problems. Advice: I need the repairs [...]

Called a licensed contractor for an estimate on doing some drywall repair and he refused to give me a written estimate before the work was done. Advice: If a contractor won't give you a estimate in writing, don't hire him. Zip Code:92508

I have just completed an absolutely HORRIBLE experience with a local Home Improvement company. I hired them after meeting with one of their contractors. He understood the style I was after and seemed like a genuinely nice person - even said he considered me a friend. Well, over the course of the next 2 months, [...]

Purchased a piece of granite for countertops. Improper measuring, templating and installation damaged under-mount sink and 4 cracks made in sink area of countertop during installation process. Advice: NEVER use this company's services Zip Code:32713

I'm a disabled military veteran. I was medically retired and put my house on the market. A hard freeze broke a water pipe and I paid a recommended contractor to fix the damage and replace all interior plumbing. I paid part up front, more at 50% and more when plumbing was about to be done. [...]

Kitchen remodeler did not take proper measurements (dishwasher space too small one direction and too large the other, refrigerator space off by 4", etc...)poor installation(cracked wood at nail holes, etc..). His work was sub-standard at every turn that we let him go. He refused to return items that were paid for by homeowner to another [...]

I used a handyman for several years. I found out the hard way that he does not carry insurance when he used a wrong sized fitting to install a faucet and caused a flood in my home. Yet he freely works on plumbing and electricity all over the city of Atlanta. He subcontracts to several [...]

Contractor runs a in-home cabinet manufacturing business and is not licensed or permitted to do so in a residential neighborhood. He had a C-5 license revoked in 05/31/1997 and is still in business. He has 13 violations against him. Check his status on Ca.state board contractors license board. Advice: Please stay away from this man, [...]

The owner started a complete kitchen remodel in my home in September 2010 and has never finished and it is now March 2011. He has not returned my calls and I am left with a disaster!. My kitchen has only half of its cabinets, plumbing that is not to code (per a home inspector), flooring [...]