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Flooring Projects That Didn’t Go Well

Complaints about Flooring Contractors, submitted by homeowners who had bad contractor experiences with a flooring project.

Pavers installed a driveway apron. Less than 6 months after install, it started lifting and cracking. Written 5 yr guarantee but the contractor is unresponsive. They are not answering the phone or returning voice mail. Zip Code:07733

In September 2010 we hired a contractor to put a new front back door in our house along with new tile flooring for our kitchen, 4 bathrooms, and a back door entrance. Within 5 months the tiles in the kitchen started cracking and moving. The grout separated. Not too long after that our bathroom floors [...]

I hired Tile and Flooring company to do about 3,000 square feet of travertine tile work. They turned out to be a very bad contractor. His quality of work was horrible. I paid him in full and he never finished the job we hired him to do. He has very poor customer service and cannot [...]

Totally improper job, unethical all the way. No proper padding used, and no quarter round placed on edges. There are huge cracks and gaps in floor. Zip Code:34695

At issue is the condition of our hardwood flooring, bought new and installed by flooring contractor and his employee beginning May 31, 2010. There is splitting and seam and edge gaps throughout the construction area due to faulty methods and negligence related to the specifications of the Dura-Wood product, and the installation of solid wood [...]

Basement floor settled causing main beam to drop 3/8" and none of interior doors would close and phone line was pinched, requiring all new phone lines. Used a soffit vent with screen for a dryer vent clogged with lint and almost burnt house down. I ripped my the seat of my pants while cleaning gutters [...]

Handyman works took two days to do a one day job.  Wanted me to pay for carpet stretcher and iron for the extra day we had the equipment, though the job was not finished due to his tardiness getting there, and lack of help.  Also wanted us to finish the plumbing job he started. He [...]

Ok I went to a local shop and ordered some mid ranged pattern berber. We agreed on price and installation date.When the installers came on tme just as they said.The lead installer explained how long it would take and where they would star. After an hour or so the job was well under way.And they [...]