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Bathroom Remodeling Projects That Didn’t Work Out

Complaints about Bathroom Remodeling Contractors, submitted by homeowners who had bad contractor experiences with a bathroom remodeling project.

Contractor did a horrible job, on tiling the hall bathroom. He refused to pull a permit, yet he charged us for it. Less than a year later, we hired a different contractor who had to gut the entire bathroom, due to the horrible job. Advice: Examine remodeling contractors and beware of their shell companies. Check [...]

Do not hire contractor for Granite countertops. I got his # from another contractor building my cabinets. He came out right away with his wife. Claimed he didn’t have his contracts or cards since he was in his wife's car. Needed 1/2 up front. He could not truly start until the new cabinets were installed. [...]

Contractor has been in my house for almost a year working on and off. Bathroom is still not completed. The work has been so bad that we had to have a Texas Qualified Inspector come and inspect the work. He found 50 plus items that were either poor quality or not up to code. After [...]

I signed a contract for labor and materials. The contractor was paid but never bought any materials and left me without a toilet, shower, and bathtub. Zip Code:63146

A Project Manager hired a contractor to remodel my condo. Turned out his license had been revoked for bad work, and he had been sued. I had to have my entire shower floor ripped out and re-plumbed and re-tiled. He ruined a floor tile job on a large sunroom that I can't afford to have [...]

Hired contractor to remodel our bathroom. First day he didn't put anything down to protect our floors or put plastic up to contain dust. Needless to say out whole house was covered in dust. Then he somehow managed to cut our telephone line! Didn't show up everyday and was here and gone numerous times they [...]

After two weeks in a brand new house the pipes started leaking the contractor started leaking, after two weeks he decided to finally fix it. Now it is leaking worse and he has know ln for three weeks that the ceiling is leaking very very badly and will not return any phone calls from anyone. [...]

First off 90% of the positive reviews about contractor are FAKE!! All these people had a great experience with them in the same week? Cmon!!! Here is my experience and unfortunately for me it is all too real. I hired them to replace two toilets, change any bad pipes and fixtures and tile the floor [...]

I hired to do a bathroom remodel contractor. In hindsight, signing his contract was the biggest mistake we would ever make. Having touted himself as a professional with a keen "eye for detail", "many years experience" and "listening to his customers to ensure they get what they want" were all false promises. What ensued, was [...]

I hired a contractor to remodel a bathroom in my home. He started work late in the afternoon, worked for only a few hours a day, came unprepared. He did not have the correct materials for the job. The tiles at a distance look presentable. Once I moved the home I noticed crack in the [...]