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Unfortunate Home Addition Projects

Complaints about Home Addition Contractors, submitted by homeowners who had bad contractor experiences with a home addition project.

We had a very bad experience with our contractor. He & his team performed a very sloppy jobs but did not want to fix it.His attitudes were very rude and unprofessional; after telling him that the stair rail's caps needed to be fixed because they were crooked and uneven. He boldly said "I'm not going to [...]

Contractor has destroyed the back lawn when putting up a new garage, they also left a hole on the side of the vinyl as well as cracked the driveway.. The neighbors are complaining (as well as myself) I keep explaining to them that I'm not the owner and gave them the owner number, but nothing is [...]

My ceiling has a gross cosmetic defect. Builder attempted to do a short fix twice using another Drywall company. It is worse. It needs to have the entire ceiling skim coated. It is still under warranty. The builder and his staff refuse to repair it. They said they only need to make one attempt at repair. I [...]

He talked us into paying in full and left without finishing $8500 of work. Mistakes include a crooked addition, bowed floors, terrible sheetrock job, and plumbing pipes in walls. Insulation was also done wrong. Now, the pipes are freezing all the time. Finally, he refused to finish the job because he said he had to [...]

In early march 2012 we wanted our driveway resurfaced, we decided on Resurfacing company out of Punta Gorda fl. He started work on 3-15-12 two men worked about a day and a half, he sent us to about 6 jobs in our sub-division and then the nightmare began ! He said the job would take [...]

Contractor sent two men to do a one man job. He billed me $1000 to petition and cut down shelves in a closet. Carpenter #2 sat a watched carpenter #1 do all the work. Zip Code:05346

I hired Construction company to re-do our existing deck stairs. We wanted to change the direction to come out onto our patio instead of our lawn. He gave us a proposal, requested a 50% deposit, came out a week later, tore off my existing deck stairs and then decided he was not going to finish [...]

Closed on a new construction property, the contractor included a pool for $20k more in the contract and never built the pool, but left a large excavated hole in backyard. Cost another $5k in legal fees and contractor is now trying to sell pre-construction homes in neighborhood. Contractor has also stole from other home owners [...]

We did work for structures company and they declared bankruptcy and they still owe us thousands of dollars but he has another business now under a different name. Advice: To get money out of him or make his name know to companies so they won't use him. Zip Code:99212

I paid $65K to a for an addition to my home in Fishtown Philadelphia. The addition he built only lasted 2.5 yrs and then basically fell a part. His insurance doesn't cover my home and his company is a shell entity with no assets. This way once they do a bad job on your home [...]