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Ripped off by a bathroom remodeling contractor

My experience was beyond a nightmare. I have recently spoken with others who have experienced similar problems with him. I share my story as a caution to other people in our valley. The more I learn the more I realize he is getting well known for costing people  a lot of money, not showing up on the job and not finishing jobs. Let alone the poor work quality that needs redone if fixable at all.

He was supposed to remodel 2 bathrooms for a total of $10,000. He was given a $6500 deposit for materials and to get the job started. The small downstairs bathroom was to cost $3600 according to our contract. He ripped out the bathroom and then wouldn’t show up for work…. 2 MONTHS went by with nothing but problems with the contractor the whole time. This small bathroom should have taken 1.5 weeks to complete. He was full of personal drama every day, every day that he actually showed up for 1-3 hours that is. After 2 months and no change orders he tried to unfairly raise the contract cost an additional $2000. Keep in mind at this point it is only for a small bath in a basement using very affordable (cheap) Home Depot vanity and supplies. The larger part of the project, the nice Master Bath was never started.

He told me he was in personal financial trouble and HE SPENT THE DEPOSIT MONEY for the materials elsewhere (not on this job)! He spent it on his own personal bills (non-related to my job).

He always lied about when he would show up and actually work. So I had him sign an agreement that he would finish the job by a certain date and that he would refund the balance owed to me from the original deposit. He was in agreement, then when it came down to it. He left the small bathroom job the day before he was suppose to be done and did not give me the money he owes me. The small bathroom is only 35%
put back together. No toilet, no vanity, no shower, etc…

He owes me thousands of dollars and my bathroom is torn apart & unusable.

I am now having to pay people to come in and not only finish the job, but also fix the costly damage he did to the existing materials. This small $3600 bathroom will cost me close to $9000 when it is all said and done. Not to mention all of the stress and time that my family has endured for the past 2 months and more. On top of that, we will still need to remodel our master bath completely and all the costs involved with that.

He blatantly RIPPED ME OFF..

Zip Code: 83702