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Contractor left half-finished bathroom

First off 90% of the positive reviews about contractor are FAKE!! All these people had a great experience with them in the same week? Cmon!!! Here is my experience and unfortunately for me it is all too real. I hired them to replace two toilets, change any bad pipes and fixtures and tile the floor and shower walls. They came out to start the job, pulled down my insulation, left it on the floor to get wet when it rained, I got them to bring some new but they didn’t put enough back up, left broken boards from pulling it down, scratched up my walls, broke my trim, broke my bathroom door (and said they didn’t). They subcontracted a tile guy who started the floor and was told when he left the first day by our towns code enforcer that he needed to have a permit. He applied for it the next day and was denied because he is NOT LICENSED TO WORK IN PENNSYLVANIA at all. I only found that out after 3 weeks of calling the plumber and leaving many messages asking when he was coming back out. Was being told that he would get back to me. Found the truth out from my town. The owner of Plumbing company promised me himself he would call me back and never did. It is now over a month later and I have a half finished bathroom with damages. He said that the tile guy didn’t want to come back because he didn’t like the code enforcer and he liked his tile man so much that he would not find me a replacement and that happens sometimes because he is an artist and that is how they are. They charged us for permits that they still haven’t paid to my town. They are being issued a citation and are being investigated by the BBB now. I can’t believe how unprofessional they are. PLEASE BEWARE. There are plenty of other plumbers out there. Do your homework (like I should have done better) and find someone reputable.

Zip Code:19136