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Bathroom remodeling contractor will not return to fix problems

Do not hire contractor for Granite countertops. I got his # from another contractor building my cabinets. He came out right away with his wife. Claimed he didn’t have his contracts or cards since he was in his wife’s car. Needed 1/2 up front. He could not truly start until the new cabinets were installed. Within a few days I got nervous as he was not being responsive to calls or texts. I was asking him to send me a copy of the contract and a receipt for half down. Went with no response for 3-4 days. Then a text claiming his brother was in the hospital. Finally 3 days after cabinets installed he came back and measured. This was on a Friday and he said he could have them ready for install on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Monday came and in the morning he was saying they might be ready for install the afternoon. Then by the afternoon it was no not until Tuesday morning. Then didn’t happen on Tuesday but would be first thing on Wed. Then he called and said the sink he took from my house was broken. I had to drive to his shop in Dallas to get it and then go to another location in Downtown Ft Worth to exchange it for a new one. The location I bought it at was out and they could not get it until the next afternoon and he was going to be there at 8am. They ended up not showing up until 1:45 in the afternoon. I watched them like a hawk until 6 when I had to leave. My wife was supposed to make sure they finished to our satisfaction before she paid them. I got home and the bar was offset .5 inch interfering with the whole for the faucet. The sink was not centered in the cut out for an under mount and it was not sealed. It leaks all the way around the edge. However my wife paid them, I told her we needed to stop the check, but she didn’t want to. They said they could come back out and fix anything wrong. I have gotten the run around from him for the next 4 days stating he was going to come fix everything. Multiple times saying he was on his way or would be there at a certain time and not showing up. Now for 5 days he has ignored my texts and has not returned my calls. I guess I am going to have to hire someone else to make the corrections.

Do not hire contractor and do not hire someone who you cannot find their name or business on the internet. Do not hire a contractor with out a contract. Do not give money up front.

Zip Code:76244