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Bathroom remodeling contractor scam

While my son was in Iraq, we contacted a contractor who claimed he was licensed and had built six homes in our area.  He was referred by a local businessman who he had fooled too.

He gave us an estimate for a remodel on our bathroom and said it would be done for our son’s homecoming.  He wife was in on the scam also, bragging about his abilities.

We gave him the six thousand dollars down and the first two days, he completely stripped the walls and ceilings and floor of the bathroom, removed an old tub with my husbands help and left, saying we would get a delivery from Menards the next day.

He never returned.  When I finally was able to contact him by cell phone, he told me he had spent all the money and couldn’t afford to finish the job.  Hire somebody else.  In addition, the dumpster he ordered to throw out all the debris in was put in our name and we had to pay the $250 fee for that too.  The building permit he had was
false.  Anyone can do one with a computer and printer.  The building inspector said he couldn’t do anything unless he saw him in action……..!

I can’t even take him to court, I’m broke. He has no permanent address, he works for local contractors and gets paid in cash to keep his food stamp case open.

He put the bathtub in and all the water runs out the side., It’s higher on the back of the tub, uneven.

I’ve had three contractors in my immediate area, all well known who are more than willing to help me out……..but for a price starting at $10,000…..

Don’t hire local contractors!!!  They hire uneducated people who can’t form their own business.  They don’t know what they are doing. They see the employer do something and try to pretend to unsuspecting victims that they know all there is to building a home. They have friends and family  who will lie that they are licensed because he hires them for cash under the table to say they are his “work-crew”.

When you do hire somebody, if their cell isn’t in their name….there’s something fishy.  If they drive an old beat up car……..they are not prospering………if when they show up for a days work and have a black eye or busted lip……..call the building inspector while their on site.  They more than likely are phoney contractors.

This man and his wife have been pulling this scam all over the area for some years. The police can’t do anything unless something is stolen.

Zip Code: 49090