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Bathroom remodeling contractor left hole in wall

Contractor came in to remodel my bathroom.He took a week longer than supposed to, the last week he was on the job he worked 2 hours each day then left for the day and at the end of the week had the nerve to tell us he needed more money to stay and fix his mess ups. I have a big hole in my bedroom wall where they had to access the tub that he never fixed. He didn’t sand and fill the green board right the first time and still went ahead and painted and my walls look awful. He put up cracked crown molding and he offer to install a new back door for us and didn’t measure it and the door was 1/2 too small and he told my wife we needed longer screws and never did anything and we ate the price of the door.

After talking to some people we found out this isn’t the first time they ripped someone off. Also these guys were friends of the family so we didn’t have him write a contract which was a big mistake on our part. again don’t use the contractor for any work and I will be happy to share my pics of this mess.

Zip Code:19078