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Bathroom remodeler voided manufacturer warranties

I hired to do a bathroom remodel contractor. In hindsight, signing his contract was the biggest mistake we would ever make.

Having touted himself as a professional with a keen “eye for detail”, “many years experience” and “listening to his customers to ensure they get what they want” were all false promises. What ensued, was a series of glaring construction errors and dishonesty by the contractor.

Serious structural issues, awful tile work and plumbing errors left our bathroom in questionable condition….including the voidance of two known manufacturer warranties due to improper installation.

Instead of offering solutions or even acknowledging the defects, the contractor abruptly walked off the job leaving our bathroom unfinished and with many serious defects in need of correction.

Later, he lied under oath (along with his plumbing sub) stating he was “kicked off the job and told never to step foot on the property again”. Together, these two disreputable contractors corroborated an elaborate and false tale involving conversations which never took place, and proceeding to lie about the homeowners being problematic.

Why should you be worried? If your project with this contractor goes south, all he needs to do is point his finger at the homeowner and lie, stating he was kicked off the job. According to his contract, YOU have just accepted the condition of your construction as is.

Don’t find out the hard way like we did. This guy is a compulsive liar like I’ve never seen before.

In the contractor’s eyes, a homeowner has voided his contract if he even steps in briefly to view the progress of work. What he terms “occupying the workspace”. Other deceiving language in his contracts state he cannot be sued by the Homeowner after 4 months have passed (in WA, the law states up to 5 years after a contract breach).

I implore anyone seeking a qualified contractor to avoid this contractor. His lack of experience, beaming overconfidence and arrogance is something to behold. AVOID.

Zip Code:98023