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Bathroom remodeler only licensed as a mold assessor

I hired a contractor to remodel a bathroom in my home. He started work late in the afternoon, worked for only a few hours a day, came unprepared. He did not have the correct materials for the job. The tiles at a distance look presentable. Once I moved the home I noticed crack in the tile, tiles not cut correctly(uneven in several areas) and cracks in the grout. The bathtub he put in was not properly sealed to the walls (crack around the entire tub area).

The shower head was not attached to the tile, the faucet in the sink was barely attached, and the baseboard caulked..NOTHING WAS CAULKED. I called him regarding these issues he said he was unable to come back to my house and would send an employee. I requested to send a licensed professional, he stated they do not need to have a license to be employed by him. The more we argued, the more I began to research him/his company. I then found out that he only has a licensed as a Mold Assessor. He has no other related licenses in the State of Florida, Domestic Violence Arrest, several other arrest, Makes a Career of Filing Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy under the business and starting all over again.

When I threatened legal action he smiled and told me I am just as liable as he is because I did not check him out before the work was started. After several text messages, calls, he came to my house Sunday evening with another man, said he wanted to come in and take a another look. After everything I now know about him there is no way I would let him back in my house. I told him I would not be silent about this situation, he walked away smiling shaking his head.

Zip Code:33511