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Bathroom remodeler laid crooked tiles

Hired contractor to remodel our bathroom. First day he didn’t put anything down to protect our floors or put plastic up to contain dust. Needless to say out whole house was covered in dust. Then he somehow managed to cut our telephone line! Didn’t show up everyday and was here and gone numerous times they the day. The final straw came when he laid our tile floor. The floor was not level, tiles were crooked, grout lines were totally uneven. At that point, we fired him. When we brought in a new contractor, it appears the floor was the least of our problems! When the contractor installed our new tub he never framed it out. It was unsteady, the way he has it on put pressure near the drain hole and cracked our brand new tub! All the plumbing had to be torn out and replaced. Do not hire this guy!!!

Zip Code:18045