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Bathroom contractor’s work was not up to code

Contractor has been in my house for almost a year working on and off. Bathroom is still not completed. The work has been so bad that we had to have a Texas Qualified Inspector come and inspect the work. He found 50 plus items that were either poor quality or not up to code. After much debate with contractor he agreed to fix most items. He has about 10 things left on the list, the most important is the drain in the shower does not drain (backs up onto bathroom floor), cracked sink and several other things. He now refusing to come back without us making a final payment to him (which we withheld because he hasn’t finished the work). He now threatening a lien on my house).

Have a timeline on the contract such as when they will start and an approximate finish date. Have milestone payment schedule on the contract. Hold out 10% of final contract cost after they have completed all work, until about 60 days to make sure everything is functional and you find no problems

Zip Code:77586