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Requested warrant and restraining order for deck contractor

Here is what happened to me.

Summary of Phase 1 of the Project

1. Purchase Decking Materials: Completed – (Material Cost: 16’ x 16’ Deck = $3,000).

2. Provide Receipts: (No Receipts provided) as per requested!

3. Contractor + (1) Laborer: The Laborer worked all week and did not get paid, but Contractor was paid ($1,200 = labor cost). It was my understanding that the laborer was to be paid ($600) for his work, this did not happen until a couple of weeks later. His power was shut off because of non-payment for his work. Contractor would not return phone calls.

4. Final note on Phase-1: The deck building skills of Contractor is at best rated fair; mistakes were made, and then patched, with the outcome of non-symmetrical elements of the deck. Furthermore Phase-1 was not completed he was paid and I did not get the deck finished, the benches are yet to be built, I will provide lumber and labor costs to build the benches also the lumber did not get purchased for the benches as per the initial $3,000 check that was issued to Contractor for materials cost. We will also request from the Judge that all receipts will be attained by Contractor so that I then, will be able to attain for myself and the Judge my justification in the return of monies owed to me with interest and acquired penalties and all court cost and possibly the revocation of Contractors Contractors License for immoral business practices.

Summary of Phase 2 of the Project

1. I paid by check, Contractor the sum of $1,400 to do a partial purchase of landscaping materials, stone, excavator, gravel, and other materials needed for Phase-2 of the project, the only thing he purchased with the $1,400 dollar check was the Track Hoe, cost= $289.51, we have this receipt, and this is the only receipt that we have received.

2. The $1,400 check was cashed by Contractor. He came back one more time on Mother’s day and worked for a few hours, and then we never saw Contractor again. He would not return phone calls, text messaging, or messages to the bar at which he frequents nightly “Bart’s at Lakeshore”. At this point we knew that he was a thief, and his unethical intent was perfectly clear. He made excuses for many things, (No Excuse for this behavior).

3. Contractor’s planning and excavating skills are sub-standard at best. He should have excavated before he built the deck, now access with an excavator, to properly design retaining wall and footers is not possible. Footers will need to be excavated by hand shovel. Also he dug out approximately 50% of one of a load bearing footings for the deck while attempting to use the excavator, (this was not even attempted to be repaired, and he simply said that it would be fine. “ (Not True)” This footing issue will also need to be resolved at my additional cost. Much more digging to be done, by hand at this point. I will have to hire (2) laborers complete Phase-2 of this project.

My ascertainments of Justification

1. Civil Warrant to be issued for Contractor

2. Restraining Order issued for Contractor, to not be within 300’ of me or my family.

3. All Receipts to be provided to Judge for investigation of materials purchase fraud, to assess other monies owed to me. I will provide copy of all checks issued to Contractor, including the $1,400.00 check that was given to Contractor for the Phase-2 materials, materials that we did not receive, and never heard from Contractor again, after Mother’s Day.

4. Seeking restitution of the following:

Zip Code:37343