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Inspector caught contractors mistakes

This General Contractor built my house in 2007 and disappointed on both personal and professional levels. He did not inform himself about the County building codes and regulations: e.g. he did not know that the vinyl floor in the bathroom had to be sealed to the commode to prevent any overflowing water (and other stuff from the toilet…) to get under the vinyl. Luckily the County building inspector caught this and had him correct this issue.
He failed to install step risers behind the stair treads on my wooden deck; anybody could easily slip and break a foot because the foot gets caught behind and under the stair treads. Luckily the inspector caught this and had it corrected. He then had the impudence to ask for more money when HE had not complied with the building codes.
Failed to recognize that a separate construction permit – besides a septic tank permit – was required in this County causing the delay of the construction start date!
Failed to research the insurance costs for the house while under construction.
Made me believe that an amended building permit was required, charged me for it, but never applied for it. Needless to say that this amended permit was not ever necessary or required (and he knew that) – I call this pre-meditated fraud and am personally deeply disappointed about this defrauding.
Failed to recognize that the vinyl siding subcontractor forgot to install 2 edge pieces. After I complained about it, he had the impudence to tell me that “this is how it’s supposed to be”.
Had no control over his painting subcontractors. He was unable to find out what stain color the first painting subcontractor had used so that the third painting subcontractor could use the same color on the remaining wooden doors. Three (3) painting subcontractors were needed to paint the interior of the house in only one color: off-white. How difficult can that be?
Failed to recognize that his plumbing subcontractor made grave mistakes when installing the Jacuzzi jetted tub. The tub foam footers did not connect to the subfloor (i.e. were not shimmed with wood) and no weight distribution to the subfloor was accomplished. Essentially, the tub was hanging by its rim. The pipes were not draining properly into the tub and caused water accumulation in the pump and bacteria and slime accumulation in the pipes. I filed a complaint against the plumbing company in July 2009 and the plumber received a “letter of caution” from the North Carolina State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors in January 2010.

I have proof and evidence of all the above mentioned first-hand experiences.

He disappointed on both personal and professional performance levels. Besides the lack of professional skills (as mentioned above) he disappointed on a personal level. I am still (years after the ordeal) appalled by the numerous lies that he produced, his cover-up of sloppy subcontractor work and turning his head when I expected him to inspect the work rigorously. He had advertised himself as “extremely picky about the performance of his subcontractors” so he would get the job. Needless to say that I cannot recommend this General Contractor. He is nothing more but a liar and swindler.

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