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Faulty room addition

Hired this contractor for a big addition. He claimed he was licensed, insured and bonded and knew what he was doing. 6yrs 10 months later, we are still at an impasse even though we went to court and judgment went against him. He was to have all the faults corrected within 90 days. I can go back and file contempt but I don’t have the funds to start the procedure. He is not qualified, but leads you to believe he knows what needs to be done. He didn’t support my floors correctly, he didn’t do the roof right, he didn’t do the drywall or plumbing right. I had a 29 x32 addition done and NOTHING in any of the rooms is correct. He wants to drag his feet and argue about everything. He has no respect for anyone, not even himself. He thinks he is beyond the law and doesn’t care what was issued by the court. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place and this guy is winning.

Yes, my advice is thoroughly research whoever you think you may want to do any contractor work, big or small. They can say anything but proof is the best thing. Get references, check court records to see if any judgements/criminal charges have ever been issued on the contractor.

Zip Code:43302