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Contractor kept asking for more money

In early march 2012 we wanted our driveway resurfaced, we decided on Resurfacing company out of Punta Gorda fl. He started work on 3-15-12 two men worked about a day and a half, he sent us to about 6 jobs in our sub-division and then the nightmare began ! He said the job would take about a week but no one showed for three days and then they returned looking for more money. They started our pool deck….a separate contract and left the driveway stripped so they can get the smaller area first so we can move our plants and furniture back! That went wrong with colors…we have paid more than half the money on both pool deck and driveway…nothing done they come and go the property is a mess, you cant park in your driveway you can’t use the pool and yesterday morning the owner showed up asking for MORE money which I refuse to give, he said he was going to get supplies and never returned and would not answer his phone or return messages. He also got us fined by the HOA FOR NOT FILLING WITH THEM ! We are losing our lawn and plants because we cant turn on our irrigation ….we have adjusted other contractors several times because of him……

Zip Code:33947