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Contractor had bad attitude

We had a very bad experience with our contractor. He & his team performed a very sloppy jobs but did not want to fix it.His attitudes were very rude and unprofessional; after telling him that the stair rail’s caps needed to be fixed because they were crooked and uneven. He boldly said “I’m not going to fix it” and walked away after looking at his problems. He definitely refused to fix it and talked to us. He also said that he had given us a lower bid so that he was not going to repair those defected/crooked areas. It was unbelievable for a person who are considering himself a professional on stone works. Our questions: is this a professional attitude toward the customer complaints? Is this the customer fault to accept his lower bid? is this contractor allowed to do a sloppy/unprofessional works because he thought he had giving customer a lower bid. What do you think? What we think this contractor deserved a lawsuit so he can learn a lesson of arrogance and cockiness.
In fact, this job is right in front of our house and it’s not somewhere that you can hide it.
Our conclusion that anyone would like to hire this person for your stone works, please think twice before making decision because if he messes up your house he will not fix it.


Zip Code:93619