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Canceled agreement with building contractor

Entered in agreement with contractor on July 15, 2010 for home remodel. He made multiple claims that the permits for the remodel were filed that were untrue. He stated via email on 7/28/10, that permits were filed and “winding” their way thru the process. Later after I contacted the city to complain about the length of the process, the permits were actually filed on 8/11/10 (application), plans received on 8/16/10. Historical approved it on 8/17/10, paid $10 on 9/1/10. Then the building department did not receive the plans until 9/20/10. Approved on 9/29/10 and still not picked up with a balance of $500 + due. He was asked multiple times to provide proof of insurance and sub-contractor insurance to the building manager and never supplied the required documents to begin home remodel; thus never had the intention to conduct any work for which a deposit was paid. Since he was making no effort to start the remodel and provided fake progress updates, I was forced to cancel the agreement with him effective 1/20/11. In my request to cancel, I clearly state I will pay for any material purchased. Instead of charging for materials purchased, he billed $75 hr to acquire and return materials, for a job with no supplied project start date. To “acquire materials” was 6 hours ($450) and to return was 4 hours ($300). He charged for work that was never provided, and still has an unpaid balance at the permit office.

Zip Code:07302