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Addition never completed and is destroying the house

I am a 64 year old single retired lady. I live with my daughter and son in law. I use my retirement fund to do an addition on to their house for me to live in. The addition is approximately 3800 square feet and, six years later, nothing has been completed by this contractor. They ignore my calls, won’t get back to me and its destroying the original house structure. Top it off, the contractor was paid 90% within the year it started. I just had an estimate on tear off and putting back on what they had let get destroyed by weather. This is not even a complete job is going to cost 20-25% more on top of what I paid. I don’t have the money and I don’t have my space and its ruining the lives of my family. I have given them a gift and the construction company has destroy that and my family.

Never pay in advance and get a completion date. These people know how to get your money through your emotions.

Zip Code:73165