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I called the company to just ask what a metal roof usually cost. This very pleasant man responds with let me send a salesperson out to talk with you. Now the very last thing I want is a salesperson in my house (no offense we all need jobs and someone has to do it). I [...]

I found a contractor through an online website. On December 15th, I paid $9,600 via wire transfer and then the company thought they would attach my new cedar fence to my old, rotten posts. When I requested the posts be replaced, they charged me an additional $800. Total out-of-pocket cost $10,400 was paid to contractor [...]

Contractor did a horrible job, on tiling the hall bathroom. He refused to pull a permit, yet he charged us for it. Less than a year later, we hired a different contractor who had to gut the entire bathroom, due to the horrible job. Advice: Examine remodeling contractors and beware of their shell companies. Check [...]

Building contractor took advantage of us. They did awful work, did not finish painting, put up a cheap door, did not install the bathroom towels holder and toilet paper holder properly. They also did not pay the painter, ran us up a major bill, did not go by our budget. Drywall guys ordered too much [...]

We had a very bad experience with our contractor. He & his team performed a very sloppy jobs but did not want to fix it.His attitudes were very rude and unprofessional; after telling him that the stair rail's caps needed to be fixed because they were crooked and uneven. He boldly said "I'm not going to [...]

If I could give zero stars, I would. We signed a contract with them to complete all phases of restoration after our house took on 5 ft of water from the surge. After 6 months the work was still not completed. Much of the work that had been finished under the contractors's supervision was poorly [...]

Siding contractor did not live up to the "5 Star Guarantee". He uses sub-contractors to do the window work and they do not use and refused to use foam. They only use minimally glass-fiber insulation. Advice: Do not pay more than 10% of the cost and make sure you check for air and water leaks [...]

Building new house and paid contractor to put up Gutters and leaf guards. Contractor put up gutters and only installed half of the gutter flashing, skipped the corners and installed wrong side up. Then installed leaf guards and didn’t overlap corners or install diverters at valleys so all the water just ran over the edge. [...]

Contractor has destroyed the back lawn when putting up a new garage, they also left a hole on the side of the vinyl as well as cracked the driveway.. The neighbors are complaining (as well as myself) I keep explaining to them that I'm not the owner and gave them the owner number, but nothing is [...]

My ceiling has a gross cosmetic defect. Builder attempted to do a short fix twice using another Drywall company. It is worse. It needs to have the entire ceiling skim coated. It is still under warranty. The builder and his staff refuse to repair it. They said they only need to make one attempt at repair. I [...]